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At Hawkeye Security we offer many customized security systems for your home and business. All of our Home systems start out with a Basic Package and can have devices added or there are an assortment of add-on packages to suit your needs.

The Basic Package Includes:

1 Keypad - The Keypad provides you with access to your security system, plus it confirms the status of your system with lights, audible tones or a digitized voice response.

1 Control Panel (with back-up power supply) The “heart” of your security system, this central processing unit analyzes information from the sensors and relays it through your communications medium to the SecurTek Monitoring Station.A back–up power supply in the control panel helps ensure your system operates during a power outage.

1 Motion SensorUsing infrared technology, motion sensors can alert the SecurTek Monitoring Station when body heat or movement is detected.Motion sensors can be adjusted to allow free movement of your pets.

1 Indoor SirenThe Indoor Siren alerts intruders and residents that the system has been activated, the SecurTek Monitoring Station has been alerted and the proper authorities have been notified.

2 Door/Window Contacts Door and window contacts allow you to protect vulnerable entry points.Each contact features a magnetic seal that detects the movement of a door or window.Once the seal is broken, the SecurTek Monitoring Station is notified.

1 Monitored Smoke DetectorPhotoelectric sensors detect slow smoldering fires.When an alarm sounds, the SecurTek Monitoring Station will dispatch your local fire department.

SecurTek window decals/yard signThese provide a valuable deterrent to would-be criminals.

Existing Equipment and Competitors Conversions
We can monitor your existing security system, even if it was installed by another company.


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