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Wireless Security

Wireless systems are the ideal solution for individuals with a finished residential or commercial property. Wireless systems are easily expandable and user friendly.

Allegro - Allegro is like the cellular phone of security. It pushes the envelope of technology, packing sophisticated features into a trim, compact design that's remarkably easy and convenient to use. With so many things going wireless these days, it's also comforting to know that Allegro comes from GE Security Products, the company that pioneered wireless security - and has continually advanced its technology for more than 20 years. Allegro offers up to 20 zones of burglary and fire protection. With a built-in keypad and siren that is capable of 85 dB, Allegro is well-suited for multi-family buildings, such as apartments.

Simon 3 - Simon 3 packs a new level of advanced wireless security into a console design that is smaller and more attractive than anything that has come before. Simon 3 has more "high value" consumer features; incredible new performance and the built-in quality that has made GE Security Products the most trusted wireless brand in the world. From basic burglary protection to sophisticated lighting control, Simon is flexible and affordable. Simon 3 proves that great things really do come in small packages!


Wired / Wireless Security

The best of both worlds. Wired devices that require little maintenance and wireless capabilities for hassle free additions. Ideal for the customer who has prewired a system and wants extra protection that was not originally accounted for, but due to finished construction can not have wires added for additional devices

NetworX NX-8E - The most versatile NetworX control available, the NX-8E offers 8-192 zones. Ideal for medium to large-sized commercial installations, the NX-8E is flexible enough to meet the most demanding applications.


Intrusion Products

There are a wide variety of intrusion products available and at Hawkeye Security we use quality GE Panels and devices.

Door/Window Contacts - We have a large variety of door and window contacts available for any application. Contacts can be recessed in doors to reduce visibility. We can secure everything from your bedroom window to your overhead door to your electronic equipment or a barbeque.


Motion Sensors or Passive Infrared Sensors - We have a variety of motion sensors available including sensors with increased weight ranges for customers with pets as well as motion sensors capable of working in many different environments, for example cold temperature motion sensors. Using infrared technology, motion sensors can alert the Monitoring Station when body heat or movement is detected. Motion sensors can be adjusted to allow free movement of your pets.

Glass break sensor - These sensors are placed near windows and will actually monitor for the sound of breaking glass. Tuned to the frequency of breaking glass, sensors help protect patio doors, solariums, and any large expanse of glass. Plus, adjustable sensitivity levels give better perimeter protection of your business.

Shock Sensors - These sensors can be placed on windows or other objects that need to be monitored for a shock. Shock sensors will alarm if someone is banging on an object to try and penetrate it.


Wireless Keyfobs and Panic Buttons - (Keychain Touchpad) This tiny transmitter, small enough to fit on a keychain, features buttons that allow you to arm and disarm your system. It also serves as a panic button - just push in case of emergency and a signal goes to the SecurTek Monitoring Station. The keychain touchpad can also be programmed to turn on lights or open your garage door. It serves as a very convenient addition to your security system.


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