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There are also many products to protect your family from fire and silent killer Carbon Monoxide gases as well as products to protect your home from freezing your water lines as well as water issues such as broken water lines, sewer back-ups, and flooding.

Smoke Detectors - Similar to a classic smoke detector however it is monitored through your security system, therefore if it malfunctions or detects smoke the monitoring station will be notified. It still gives a local siren but it also will notify you and the Fire Department should the need arise.

Carbon Monoxide - Protect your family or employees from this deadly gas. You will receive notification in your home and from the monitoring station if there are increased levels of carbon monoxide at your residence or place of business. This device is a real life saver!


Heat Sensors
- Are set for a fixed temperature or a rate of rise. Ideal for areas where fire protection is required but circumstances prevent you from using a smoke detector. Great for shops or attached garages.

Low Temperature - This sensor can help prevent an array of problems at your home or office. A severe drop in temperature will send an alarm to the monitoring station and alert you immediately. This device is triggered at 5 degrees Celsius so you are protected previous to any damage to your belongings. Ideal for travelers that leave there home unattended in the winter., or businesses with temperature sensitive material.


Water Sensors - Placed ¼ of an inch above the ground and when the sensor becomes wet an alarm is sent to the monitoring station, they will then make every effort to contact you and notify of the situation at home.



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